I am a beginner, can i take up the 7 Day Stock market Bootcamp?

YES, The 7 Day Stock Trading Bootcamp is for Beginners and Traders who have Intermediate knowledege about Day Trading.

Is the Bootcamp going to include topics on investing?

No, The Bootcamp is designed to learn more about Day Trading. Click here to read more about the topics that will be included under the 7 Day Stock Market Bootcamp.

What is the Elite Club?

The Elite Club is an exclusive 6 weeks training Program.

What is the price for the Elite Membership?

INR 25,000/-

What is the price of the 7 day stock market Bootcamp?

The price for the 7 day stock market Bootcamp is INR 555/-

Will i get a certificate after completing the Bootcamp?

Yes, we will provide you with a certificate of Completion.

Will there be any live sessios in the 7 day stock market Bootcamp?

Yes, there be live Q&A Sessions in the 7 day stock market Bootcamp.

Will i be provided recordings of the live Q&A sessions?

Yes, you live be given a link to watch the recording of the live sessions.

i want to learn how to trade in the stock market, can i take the 7 day stock market bootcamp?

Yes, The bootcamp is designed to help you learn everything about trading in the stock market.

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