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If you have been a part of our previous cohorts then you know we don't hold ourselves back when it comes to GIVEAWAYS!
In the self-paced course, you will not only learn the ins and outs of crypt0 trading but also stand a chance to win exciting giveaways!



If you have been a part of our previous cohorts then you know we don't hold ourselves back when it comes to GIVEAWAYS!
In the self-paced course, you will not only learn the ins and outs of Krypto but also stand a chance to win exciting giveaways!
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What will I be learning in this course?

  • What are crypt0 currenc!es?  
  • What is blockcha!n?
  • What is M!ning? What is an !CO?
  • ​What is an Index? What is vix?
  • ​What is BTC dominance and how to make use of it ?
  • ​What is price action and how to read markets like a pro. 
  • ​Correlation between different co!ns.
  • ​How to use your broker?
  • ​How to open an account with an exchange and a wallet?
  • ​Psychology, emotions, counter intuitive, don’t be a sheep 
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  •  What are Krypt0Currenc!es?
  •  Differences between crypt0 and FIAT
  • Why does the government and the banks hate the idea of crypt0currenc!es?
  • ​Publ!c Key and Pr!vate key
  • ​Why are so many co!ns made? Do we really need so many?
  • ​Major differences between crypt0currenc!es
  • ​What are smārt c0ntracts?
  • ​What is blockcha!n?
  • ​What are Alt co!ns and T0kens?
  • ​What is an !CO?
  • ​What is pump and dump?
  • ​What are stable co!ns? And it's uses.
  • ​What is Blockcha!n and how does it work?
  • ​How is Blockcha!n Decentral!sed?
  • ​Who are M!ners and what is mining?
  • ​What is forking?
  • ​What is BTC Halv!ng?
  • ​Understanding T0kenom!cs
  • ​Decentral!sed and Central!sed crypt0 exchanges
  • ​How to store crypt0? Hot and cold wallets
  • ​Differences between these two wallets
  • ​Different types of Market Participants
  • ​How's crypt0 different from other Markets?
  • ​Buying & Selling of crypt0 in various pairs
  • ​What are derivatives?
  • ​How do perpetual contracts work?
  • ​What is Funding fee?
  • ​How do you analyse the markets?
  • ​What is VIX, how to make use of it?
  • ​What is BTĆ Dominance? And it's effects


  •  Why does the price of an asset move?
  •  What is short selling and short covering?
  • ​Different phases of markets
  • ​How to read charts?
  • ​What are Candle sticks, patterns?
  • ​Different Chart patterns and psychology behind them
  • ​Understanding supply and Demand
  • ​When to rely on chart patterns and candlestick patterns
  • ​Multi Time frame analysis
  • ​What are indicators? Understanding the top 5 indicators.
  • ​Why indicators can be used in the krypto markets


  •  Most retail traders lose money in failed patterns, but why?
  • ​Smart money concepts
  • ​Why and how are markets manipulated?
  • ​What are liquidity pools?
  • ​Understanding Order Blocks
  • ​What are imbalances?
  • ​Refining the supply demand zone
  • ​Using market structure to develop and edge
  • ​Using SMC to form and execute valid trades (Entry, Exit points)
  • ​Open interest and how to anticipate moves based of it
  • ​A top down analysis chart before opening and exiting a Trade
  • ​Risk Management
  • ​Position sizing
  • ​A Proven method of never blowing your account
  • ​Noob V/S Pro Trader = Major Differences and how to become a Pro


  •  How and where to buy crypt0?
  • ​Transferring crypt0 from wallet to wallet
  • ​Converting crypt0 to F!AT
  • ​What is P2P?
  • ​How to open and account in B!nance?
  • ​Different brokers you need
  • ​Placing buy-sell orders and stop-losses
  • ​Understanding leverage and how to use it?
  •  Should you trade crypt0 options?
  • ​How to use trading view
  • ​How to make use of co!n market cap for crypt0 research
  • ​Various websites that make our lives easy
  • ​Tips and tricks to become a successful Trader


Will there be Live Classes?
Yes, There will be One Live Call
Timings for the Live Calls?
9pm PST
Time zone doesn't fit my schedule. What do I do?
You will be allowed to attend it once more with the upcoming batch incase you missed the live call.
How many pre-recorded videos will I get?
There will be a total of 4 pre recorded videos.
How will i address my doubts?
You can send in your questions via slido and we'll create a library of Q&A that you can access anytime.
What's the Duration of the course?
It's a self paced course with one Q&A session on Saturdays.
How long will I have access to the videos and Live Q&A recordings?
You'll have lifetime access to the Pre recorded content and the Live Q&A recording.
Who is this course for?
As krypt0 is fairly a new niche, most people will find this useful. i.e., You could be a professional and still learn something new. There's always room for more knowledge. This goes for beginners too.
How much am I going to learn in just a week?
Well, we'd like to say almost everything. This isn't your average online course. Think of it like a Bootcamp but 2x.
Where can I find the course contents?
You can find the course contents under the Krypto 101 Curriculum section.
Is there a Live Call schedule table?
As there will be only one Live call, there is no schedule table.
Why is my card not going through while trying to make my purchase? 
Applicable to those making the payment from India: Your card will not go through unless you turn on International transactions on your Banks App. You can also do this by reaching out to your respective bank.
$34 sounds pretty cheap, what's the reason?
Yes, we know. We've priced this course at a bare minimum because we've seen "gurus" charging hefty sums of money to teach dirt level content. We want this to be accessible to everyone all around the globe.


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