Hey! I'm happy to see you here, again. 

It's not every day that I have a visitor on this page. Well, the "about" page is generally boring.

As all our Co-Founders are backbenchers, we do not believe in boring and theoretical bullsh*tt.  We believe in practical learning which comes only with experience. 

Why are all the Co-Founders Drop-outs?  Well, that's because we don't believe in formal education.

But, Why are we against formal education? 

Think of it this way, you can either learn business from a teacher who is an EMPLOYEE of a college or you can learn business from a Businessman/woman who has been running businesses all their life.

The foundation of what we offer arose from the lack of mentors and practical learning experience back when we started.


We are a team of entrepreneurs, for the entrepreneurs. 




Co-Founder | Mentor | Day Trader

Hey! I am Akshay Mantri. Born in the city of lakes, Udaipur, and have been living in Bangalore since then. Through the course of academics, I understood the difference between being educated and being qualified, while realising how outdated the academic content was. Dropped out of college in pursuit of gaining real knowledge. Quickly learnt the nuances of a wide spectrum of industries, viz., manufacturing, marketing, sales and also corporate industry. Didn’t want to settle with it and was hungry for more. I was looking for something where I could express and build myself. Found what I was looking for through trading stocks. The journey of becoming a successful trader was an enlightening one and looking forward to share my insights with everyone who is headed towards this journey.


  • College Drop out

  • Day Trader



Co-Founder, Facebook Ads Marketer

I help businesses grow from level x to level 10x.

If you haven't taken your business online like we took Money Ball you are losing out on so so much. 


  • Dropped out in my 2nd second year of Interior design Management.

  • Enrolled for a degree in BBA- Dropped out in my 2nd semester. ( I tried formal education but it was and will always be the one thing i can't do. )


Care to fancy a chat about how you can take your startup online and boost your business? Feel free to reach out to me via mail at rishitag26@gmail.com



Co-Founder | Day Trader | Trainer

I've been trading for about 5 years.

I'm an entrepreneur at heart and always will be.

If you choose to start your journey here,

I'll be looking forward to making your acquaintance. 


  • Dropped out in my 2nd second semester BBA just to be a full time Day Trader


My talent is my only Certificate

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